There is reason to hope that science will soon be able to unlock the unknown realm of cures for colic. As of today though, there are no absolute treatments that can banish colic. The cures that some people are talking about are really techniques, strategies or remedies that some parents and experts may have found effective in some babies.

It should be noted though that not all babies respond favorably to every kind of treatment. Different babies may find relief in different ways. Here are some of the possible solutions that you might want to try.

  • Some experts theorize that one of the best cures for colic would be to promote and encourage the maternal-infant bond and to recreate the womb experience. Colicky babies may be soothed if they are swaddled and cuddled close the bosom. Singing or whispering gently to them may also help prevent bouts of inexplicable crying.
  • Stress, anxiety and tension in the immediate environment, especially that experienced by the mother may be felt by the infant. Reducing family conflict or even just relaxing after a stressful day at work can help keep your baby calm too.
  • Some mothers seem to have observed that certain foods and drinks that they ingest may encourage colic attacks. This is because some of the food eaten by mothers mix with breast milk. Some breast feeding mothers consciously avoid caffeine, spices and alcohol.
  • Cures for colic may include changing what your baby ingests. If your baby is lactose intolerant, you may have to abstain from eating any cow based products yourself. This is if you are breastfeeding your baby. Bottle fed babies may have to switch to soy formulas.
  • Your baby may calm down if you carry him around or take him out for a quiet walk. Diverting his attention may get him off his crying spree.
  • You should also consider proper feeding practices as possible cures for colic. This may mean positioning your baby or the bottle properly so that no air enters his stomach or milk doesn’t backtrack to the esophagus. Burping is also a good after feeding habit that you shouldn’t miss.
  • Some parents may consider medication as a solution for colic. Usual prescription medicine is often only limited to gas medication. Other parents may choose to keep away from this option due to possible side effects.
  • Herbal solutions and remedies are also available for colic. You may have to ask your doctor’s opinion first before allowing your baby to ingest anything.
  • A massage or a warm bath may be good cures for colic. Do not attempt a bath though if your baby is moving violently or becoming too difficult to handle on your own.

These are only some of the possible techniques that you can try. There are many others and it may take some time before you find the right one that your baby will respond positively to. You shouldn’t forget though that your well being, health and sanity are crucial too to helping your baby get over colic. It is therefore strongly recommended that you also take some much needed rest from taking care of a colicky baby.

Colic Tip #1

Be Patient: Colic problems will lessen with age, so realize that things will get better in the future. In the mean time, try to stay calm, reassuring and loving. The best thing for your child is a well-rested parent.


Colic Tip #2

Feed Less But More Often: Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, try feeding a baby with colic half as much as usual and twice as often. Little tummies can’t handle getting too much too fast and the breakdown of lactose can cause an increase in intestinal gas.


Colic Tip #3

Enlist Help: One if the best things you can do if you have a colicky baby is to give yourself a break and get away from it all. Get your spouse, parents, aunts, uncles or even a babysitter to lend a hand for a while so you can rest and recharge your batteries.