It’s hard to imagine something as precious as the time that is spent with a newborn child. They really change your life whenever they enter into it and the joy that they bring to you is without equal. There are times, however, whenever that joy is shattered by a problem. One of the most difficult problems that happens with a newborn child is colic. This is a problem in which a baby will cry, sometimes for hours at a time, every day for weeks or months. Whenever this happens, it becomes a stressful situation both for the child and for the parent.

The main problem with colic is that they don’t really know what causes it. That means that it is almost impossible to treat. For a parent that has a colicky baby, this is not good news at all. Many times, the parent is at their wits end because of the incessant crying that their baby does. There are some things that you can do, however, that may help to ease the crying to a certain extent. There are also some ways that you can overcome the stress to a certain degree.

Although there is not a cure for colic, there are some things that you can do that have been shown to help in some cases. Sometimes, changing your diet will help if you are breast-feeding. It also might help to sing softly to the child, to hold them snugly in your arms and rock them gently or perhaps even to give them a pacifier as they may just want to suck on something.

If you are a parent dealing with a baby with colic, you might need to take a little bit of a break to regain your senses. Don’t be afraid to put the child down for a few minutes in a safe location or to hand them off to somebody else in the house if you absolutely cannot take it anymore. It would also help if you would enlist the services of a babysitter on occasion as even an hour away can refresh you and prepare you for an additional bout with your baby’s colic.

Colic Tip #1

Be Patient: Colic problems will lessen with age, so realize that things will get better in the future. In the mean time, try to stay calm, reassuring and loving. The best thing for your child is a well-rested parent.


Colic Tip #2

Feed Less But More Often: Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, try feeding a baby with colic half as much as usual and twice as often. Little tummies can’t handle getting too much too fast and the breakdown of lactose can cause an increase in intestinal gas.


Colic Tip #3

Enlist Help: One if the best things you can do if you have a colicky baby is to give yourself a break and get away from it all. Get your spouse, parents, aunts, uncles or even a babysitter to lend a hand for a while so you can rest and recharge your batteries.